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Quo vadis, Europe? | openDemocracy

July 13, 2014

“Europe, just like the rest of the planet, is nowadays a dumping ground for the globally generated problems and challenges. But unlike that rest of the planet and almost uniquely, the European Union is also a laboratory in which the ways to confront those challenges and tackle those problems are daily designed, debated and tested in practice. I would go as far as to suggest that this is one (perhaps even the sole) factor that makes Europe, its dowry and contribution to world affairs, exclusively significant for the future of a planet faced with the prospect of a second seminal transformation in the modern history of human cohabitation – of the crushingly toilsome leap, this time, from the ’imagined totalities’ of nations-states to the ’imagined totality’ of humankind. ”

[via @jordi_a]


My insight: Europe sometimes looks like an entity from “Alice in wonderland”: you have to keep running just to be in the same spot. But maybe that is its identity marker …

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