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The German Genius: Europe’s Third Renaissance, the Second Scientific Revolution, and the Twentieth Century. PWatson (2011)

April 27, 2014

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“We have today, therefore, a very different and more pervasive form of “false consciousness” from that which Marx introduced: we are living in a thoroughly distorted version of reality or, as Habermas puts it, “systematically distorted communication.” In fact, this is now the accepted state of affairs, in which we all know, at some level, that facts and values “cannot be accepted uncritically as ‘givens,’” nothing we are told can be accepted at face value: late capitalism thrives on marketing and public relations, so that we are surrounded in the mass media by acts of communication that say one thing and mean another—not completely another, but with an agenda of their own, unspoken but present.”

[op. cit., p. 777]

Manuel J. Matos‘s insight:

An interesting time to live in, with huge access to information, and with the biggest doubts about its value. “Bildung” is something we have to do every day, not the german version, our own.

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