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We need to talk about power

January 10, 2014

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“I would venture another form of power that would be needed alongside the type of support Marcus describes. It is a foundational power of support. My RSA colleagues in the Social Brain team are often heard talking about ‘bandwidth scarcity’ . This essentially is where decision-making is impaired because individuals do not have enough, money, time, comfort, support. When we are lacking, we freeze up. When we are frozen, we are unlikely to be creative. If we don’t have access to luck, networks or wealth then what do we need? We need constant support and the knowledge that there is only so far we fall and we then we will be able to get up again. It’s easy to take risks when you know that your potential losses are limited. This is why creativity in young people is associated with a loving and supportive yet open and accepting environment at home.”

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Manuel J. Matos‘s insight:

Let’s go back to discussing basic things: Anthony Painter and the RSA are doing a good job of it …

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