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Unless the industry rethinks open access prices, universities could soon be publishing peer reviewed work for themselves.

January 5, 2014

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“Yet top universities could organize their own conventional peer review processes economically and effectively, much as they do for PhD examining in the UK, using a system of mutual service and support. All the rest of the piece – getting articles publicized by twitter and blogs, providing a well-edited product, delivering the article to any PC, phablet or colour printer in the world – can be done easily and cheaply by universities themselves. Online communities are already doing the work of developing more and more research, so for universities to directly organize and publish their own peer reviewed journals, monographs and books is a natural next step. In my view only a dramatic fall in journal OA prices can prevent this transition in the next ten years.”

Manuel J. Matos‘s insight:

That’s something that’s “written in the stars”, but takes time. I’ve seen emerging informal networks that share papers on request among group members, taking advantage of different institutional access for the group members (think former students that are in the scientific “diaspora”), something that goes under the radar of the publishers. But we clearly need a reasonable institutional solution.

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