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Left Without a Future?: Social Justice in Anxious Times, APainter (2013)

November 7, 2013

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“What is certain is that both the left and the right spend rather too much time indulging themselves in the perceived faults of the other and rather too little engaged in self-reflection. The adversary’s weaknesses are to some extent exposed while their own remain unaddressed. In a sense this is a definition of a politics without humility. Of course, self-reflection is mainly an internal process, but the public need to gain a sense that it is going on. Instead, they are treated to a spectacle of false partisan divides, dishonest posture, lessons missed and opportunities wasted. Is it any wonder that our politicians are held in such low regard?”

[op. cit., p. 4]

Manuel J. Matos‘s insight:

I fully agree with the author, but I may be taken as a right wing guy, something I am not, really! It is quite interesting to find honest people in the left, as that is the path to social betterment.

PS: this time the book image is on the right, pun intended, 😉

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