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From Tweet to Blog Post to Peer-Reviewed Article: How to be a Scholar Now

October 20, 2013

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“Except for the very end of this process – submitting the paper to the journal for peer-review – none of this way of working bares the least bit of resemblance to how I was trained to be a scholar.  My primary job as an academic is to create new knowledge, traditionally measured by the number of articles and books I produce. Traditional graduate school training has taught us to think of a “pipeline” of notes, posters, conference papers, journal submissions (and/or, book proposals), revisions, resubmissions and finally, print publication. For me, how to be a scholar now is completely different than when I went to graduate school because of the way that digital media infuses pretty much every step.”

[via @LSEImpactBlog]

Manuel J. Matos‘s insight:

Even considering that the author’s field of study is very far from something I deal with, that’s an interesting testimony about different ways of doing things today. It just happens that, by chance, I’m perusing a Master’s Thesis by Clint Lalonde about Twitter and its use as a tool in PLNs (Personal Learning Networks). Things are really changing these days, ;-).

Ref: Lalonde (2011). The Twitter experience : the role of Twitter in the formation and maintenance of personal learning networks. Royal Roads University Library

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