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Reimagine the Concept of Education

March 1, 2013

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Can we create new learning formats based on co-creation and collective problem-solving — ones that are designed to help our youngest generation navigate the new Internet-connected economy and society in which information is limitless? Mitra’s work shows us that (even in the most unpromising settings and with a shoestring budget) education, like the Web itself, can be “a self-organizing system, where learning is an emergent phenomenon.” Not only will kids teach themselves how to use the computers, but those who catch on the fastest will teach the others how to do it.

Manuel J. Matos‘s insight:

Is a new solution for and old problem such a far fetched wish? It looks like the stuff of a dream and yet … The point is to get our concepts on their head, to start thinking fresh from how these clues can shows us better ways to allow students to learn.

It brings back to me an idea I got from Jared Diamond latest book (The World Until Yesterday – students in schools should be cooperative, instead of competitive. This last one is, it seems, one of the “advances” of the western civilization. Is it such a good idea?

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