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Networked: The New Social Operating System, LRainie & BWellman (2012)

June 16, 2012

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“The pace of communication-emails, updates from social networking profiles, tweets, text messages, mobile phone calls — has accelerated and intensified. All of this connectivity means that news and updates about people and institutions cascade through the internet and mobile devices, bringing a range of insights and developments into people’s lives. Sometimes, big news travels more quickly and disseminates more widely than in the past. Half-humorously, some commentators believe that wired individuals develop FOMO: “fear of missing out” on the latest development. Moreover, minor developments and information nuggets from niche worlds spread more rapidly and to broader audiences than in the past. Coauthors Rainie and Wellman both have had live bloggers and Twitter users write about them in real time as they were speaking at conferences. Their PowerPoint slides often appear on conference websites. Photos from the these events have also been captured with mobile phones and instantly uploaded online using photo-sharing services. These efforts expand the audience to many times the size of the crowd that is physically present and spreads their thoughts far more rapidly than was possible in the days when the content of their speeches never left the confines of conference halls.”

[p. 228]

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