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Networked: The New Social Operating System, LRainie & BWellman (2012)

June 9, 2012

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“As their homes fill up with ICTs, people make it a daily routine to use them to stay connected as they move about. Networked families use ICTs to keep their family together. Their ICTs enable them to communicate and coordinate despite their mobile, individual lifestyles. ICTs allow them to reach out to new information and new contacts, and then bring that back to the family. At home, their family spends quality time together showing and sharing web pages, online media, and email messages. They rely on blogs and other websites for advice from other parents and organizations, often getting a sense of connectivity with other, sometimes beleaguered, parents. All of this communication and content creation has helped family members as they operate as networked individuals using personal technology to navigate family life. Two-fifths (39 percent) of all American households have at least two computers; three-fifths (58 percent) of married-with-children families have at least two.”

[p. 159]

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