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November 14, 2011

MJMatos Personal Learning Environment on Prezi (V. 0.3)

My personal learning environment is, I believe, a little bit classic. This means that is mainly about books and academic papers and their interaction with the Master’s in e-Learning Pedagogy that I am enroled in.

So, books are obtained in the usual sources, starting in the main library of the University of Coimbra (for books in portuguese). For new foreign language books I use mainly Amazon (UK, but also the french and the spanish versions, depending on the language of the book, as I prefer to read (if I can) the original language (traduttore, traditore), and, sometimes BookDepository, that tends to be a bit cheaper. For used  books, I use and Alibris. For portuguese books I usually use

Academic papers come by searching in the different search engines, in case they are publicly available. B-on is also a good source, as I have access to a university account that allows download of the country’s subscribed journals. I also depend on the social network (professors, fellow students, twitter friends, etc.) for links from several other sources, mainly free acces journal and institutional repositories.

Both for papers and books, my Kindle plays an important role, as it handles quite well the .pdf format and e-books that are freely available. I also buy some e-books directly from The role the kindle plays has also something to do witj being able to take advantage of idle times to do some reading, a very important thing when time is scarce.

Social bookmarking is playing a crescent role in my life, thanks to the lately increased use of Twitter. I really need to put order on so many references from pages that are always “streaming” around, so now my central focus is around, that I find an almost ideal mix, as it lets me compose a kind of journal of my interests, with bits of text that make the context of the interest more apparent. I also use other tools for colecting tips, mainly, Diigo and Delicious, and Google Reader for RSS from some followed pages.

In the center of my PLE are my blogs: the old one, in portuguese, that I keep from 2004, that concentrates on university mission and somehow “brought” me here; and the new one, mainly in english, that was created for the masters’s but sometimes has a life of its own. The language question is important because now I want my readership to be international, not just local.

The master’s is also very important. I would never be able to draw this tentative scheme without it, as it forces me constantly to reflect over my ideas and knowledge. It is not a confortable position, but I struggle constantly to take the chalenge head on. I am still getting used to the Moodle platform; the fact that I just discovered the mobile version, makes it getting more interesting (or so I hope).

There are other elements in my PLE, less easy to classify in a categories. I used several times Wikis, and intend to keep using them as I find them very useful for presentations, both individualy and for groupwork. Reference managers are always handy, so I’m a recent convert to Mendeley, after being a reasonable user of EndNote. YouTube videos and podcasts (I found a new use for the old mp3 player) are also a source of information (and inspiration), so they could not be missing from the scheme

And that’s about it. Of course, I fully know that a PLE scheme is a snapshot of something that is constantly changing, both in the elements of the scheme and in the relative importance of it (showed here by relative size). So, I just came to appreciate the convenience of Prezi as the keeper of such a metamorphic “beast”.

PS: I’m a rookie, both on PLE’s description and on Prezi, so don’t expect too much …

PS2: Thanks to @josemota for finding the trick that allows the Prezi to show up here

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  1. November 15, 2011 10:12 am

    Olá Manuel,

    muito boa a descrição de seu PLE. A utilização do Prezi foi uma boa saída, com certeza. Também pensei inicialmente em fazê-lo mas com narração. Como não consegui abandonei a ideia.
    Interessante é como direcionamos a utilização de ferramentas segundo nossos interesses ou ainda nossas vivências – algumas ferramentas que utilizas nem me passaram pela cabeça. Mas fica a dica! Obrigada!

  2. November 23, 2011 11:23 pm

    Boa noite Manolo

    Pode ser clássico, mas está muito bem estruturado, fica-me a ideia de ser eficaz e facilitar muito o trabalho. Por vezes perder-mo-nos por muitas aplicações só nos traz dissabores e perda de tempo e para isso já basta a enxurrada de trabalhos do Mestrado. Gostei!


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