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Reflections on a rainy day …

November 4, 2011

I must confess that I’m in between “La vida en tiempo real”, from JLMolinuevo and “Sharing: The Moral Imperative”, from Dean Sharesky. Such mix cannot produce good results, ;-). So, I’m kind of on a spin to understand the future (if there is one – Molinuevo).

Well, what I can take from these two contributions, partial as they may be, is that I have to take my own decisions and not rely too much on others’. Something is already clear: there is no time to switch off, to stop reflecting over things that happen. No more coach potato time in front of a TV screen or, for that matter, a computer’s.

It makes me remember of a certain time in my late teens, when my thinking went on “hyperdrive” for a few weeks. Thinking burned away like a tornado, nothing was safe, everything was questioned.

I cannot do that anymore, not at that rate, anyway. But I miss it. In a certain way, that’s the answer to both Molinuevo and his dark vision and Sharesky’s imperative. May be m-learning will help keep the flame going. Let’s see what happens.

(via @piscitelli and @pgsimoes)

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