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Modern marvels

October 27, 2011

Image by birbee via Flickr

As you can see from posts way below, I’ve been playing around with Twitter for the masters’. The problem with Twitter is that one gets lots of “interesting” links and readings from all sorts of people one follows or one of our friends follows. Fast enough, the tabs in the browser window are not enough to save all the links til the time comes to read them (or, best said, never, 😉 ). So, the need is made for something to store the links and readings.

As Diigo and Delicious are so “passé” (not really, I keep them in the back burner for the time being; never put all your eggs in the same basket, right?), I’ve been playing around with one of the last “kid” in town,! This one has this wonderful quality (is it?) of propagating entries in several social media all by itself. I’m a very restrained fellow (well, not really; I just try to be one), so I only allow it to “write” for Twitter and this WordPress blog. Still, I feel that I’m being quite redundant in my information spreading, like I’m repeating myself all over.

As always, one must find balance. Human judgement is, in principle, better than technology or automated procedures (education allowing, of course). Are humans the best filters? That’s something I will have to find an answer for, from now to Sunday, the time limit for the final reflection over this (Twitter) work. I already know one (simple) thing: I’m not going to find it in Twitter land, no amount of! will ever be enough, 😉 .

PS: I almost forgot – recommended reading for these times of plenty, as resources abound (at least if you are fluent in written spanish):

CCobo and HPKuklinski (2007). Planeta Web 2.0. Inteligencia colectiva o medios fast food. UVIC/FLACSO México.

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