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From doubtful to full embrace

October 16, 2011
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I must say that the “mischiveous” tactics from our guide in the realm of Twitter are producing results. Slowly, he is taking the water to the mill (that’s a tentative translation from a portuguese popular saying, so, don’t worry if it does not make a lot of sense; basically, it means that the expected results are being produced, whatever the odds).

The point is to understand the value of a network of people, and of what has to be gained from it in a collaboration in the search for information. In a sense, Twitter is a sort of connectivist heaven, where free and unfettered participation is rewarded with more and more ways of going after knowledge. The hurdles, of course, are there too. They take the form of a torrent of information that seems, on the surface , impossible to tame. And, slowly, tools emerge to do just that: extract useful information from the ocean of data, both in the day to day process of following up our preferred people or in the specific search that may be tried out in a certain situation.

In a way, Twitter may be a way out of the more simplistic Google approach. Instead of a machine based search algorithm, you get the search done by people like you, or you do the search for others. It is more appealing to humans, as it is an human activity, something we have been doing for a long time. And, thanks to the affordances that technology puts at our disposal, we can do it in a manner that serves us, efficiently and advancing human endeavours.

So, I was doubtful, half-heartedly using Twitter, not compromising myself too much to it. Now, I am recognising the value, as it takes the values of community to a different level. I have to give back if I want to take. And that’s a lesson that I’m taking to my heart.


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