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Twitter list for my personal VLE

October 13, 2011

It is always difficult to choose a list of influential people in a certain field. Choosing only ten of them, as it is required by this current work proposal, just takes the level to higher heights.

The first six in my list I already followed before this course. I picked George Siemens from the masters coordinator (I think) and started following him until I become lured to CCK11. There, I met Stephen Downes and started following the “connectivist” line. The followup led me to Alec Couros and Martin Weller, both of whom have different takes on the subject that are useful for keeping ideas balanced.

António Dias de Figueiredo (@adfig) was a surprise. I do not remember anymore how I picked him, but getting to know a bit of his thinking and knowing that he was even in the same Faculty I was got me hooked and I do not regret it. “Inspiring” would be the word if I could use only one.

In the first semester of the masters, I picked Jordi Adell from a reference from a coleague (FP). Our “relationship” started with PLEs, and keeps going on despite is frequent excursion in “catalan”. He is an invaluable source of information from the spanish virtual region, as his network is quite wide.

As for the rest, they are very recent picks. LSEImpactBlog came about with an article over Twitter that got my attention. It is useful as there is a political angle that is always important in a serious education work. The other three, Terry Anderson, Grainne Conole and David Wiley, I do not know much about as tweeters, but I know quite a lot of their importance in the educational field, by reputation, so to speak. So, they are my “jokers”, to see if my “small” network may work more balanced and get critical mass for keeping evolving on and on.


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