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“The Network is the Learning”

October 6, 2011

The title of this post is taken from a small video by George Siemens recommend by JB (@brogueira_mplel). I just watched it, twice (well, it is only 3:14 minutes long, ;-)) and got hooked. Siemens keeps repeating a theme, like a mantra ( … to stay current in the field; … continue to stay current; … becoming obsolete on my own field). That’s something to keep in mind.

Yesterday, someone was talking about brain changes brought about by m-learning in a brasilian conference. I beg to differ. Learning changes the brain! e- (or m-) learning just does it faster, like a catalyst, and makes it happen all the time. You need a network for that, that’s for sure. So, learning as a collective enterprise is a better solution than others available before.

It sounds kind of nice. It is, certainly, an idea that is pregnant with meaning.

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