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Twitter and participation

October 5, 2011

Just remade an experiment, with wildly different results. Some time ago, I learned from MOOC11 by a tweet from George Siemens (@gsiemens). I enroled for a while, as I was waiting for the start of the Masters at that time, but the thing just stopped there (apart from becoming follower of Stephen Downes and a few british and canadian tweeters on the side, what I supposed is a one way path).

Today, I saw a tweet about a brasilian conference with a live video stream from an “undercover” agent (@edutopia) from one of the Masters’ courses, and I followed suit. I participated a little bit, tweeting too in the conference backchannel, and got some new Twitter followers just by having participated. So, I’m winning in both sides: I learned about learning and mobile devices and, at the same time, made contact with people interested in the education field. And I’m quite sure that the communication will be two-way this time. That’s interesting, to say the least.

Can I, really, answer The Question: Has Twitter an use in Education? Not sure, but I’m willing to try.

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