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Virtual waiting

September 20, 2011

I’m still waiting for the tool with the questionaire that will be the first step in the second semester to show up online (it has been offline for around 24 hours after being available for a short time). In the meantime, I’m using the time to research VLE (virtual learning environments) and I’m perusing the Wikipedia article about VLE history. It’s amazing how many things went on before “our time”. Even if the Wikipedia article is not very polished, it is still a great way of looking at the path of (recent) history. Mainly, I’m getting the idea of how many ideas from the past became steps for more and more development. It is a big cooperation across time and one that it is not made clear often. This sense of history is something that, in principle, distinguishes humans from other animals. What makes me think if forgetting about history, as when one takes all the credit for an idea inspired by others before himself, is not a step down from humanity. But that’s another story.

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