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The perfect curriculum recipe …

August 18, 2011

What curriculum planning needs is not a better process but a better criterion for selection. If the criterion is whatever seems im­portant from the point of view of each consultant, then the more consultants you have the longer the list will be. The criterion I sug­gest is not an easy one to apply, but I think it is the only criterion that can sift out the concepts that are not only important but optimally learnable: What use can students of the designated age and kind make of this concept in their efforts to understand the world? It may strike you that this proposal is utterly impractical. On the typical curriculum committee not one person will have a basis for answering the question. I admit it. That’s what’s wrong with educational thought. That’s why we need a new theory of knowledge and mind. That’s why I am writing a book about knowledge and mind instead of a book about how to reform education.

[op. cit., pp. 311-12]

CBereiter (2002). Education and Mind in the Knowledge Age. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Inc. (544 pp.)

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