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To pace or not to pace

July 5, 2011

When literature about a subject is explored, it is not easy to find work that sets the problem without taking sides. And why is this important? Because the setting puts arguments in perspective and avoids that the next “explorers” hide behind arguments of authority, like BIGAUTHOR A said so. In fact, I already found some misinterpretations of what is said in Shale (1987).

Shale is saying something very simple, IMHO: you can pace, as far as there is a clear advantage and you are prepared to deal with the consequences. The advantages may be institutional or student related (or both). You just have to take responsibility for your decision. That’s something sensible, and I appreciate the freedom that comes with it.

DShale (1987). Pacing in Distance Education. Something for Everyone. The American Journal of Distance Education 1(2): 21-33.

PS: I thank Doug Shale for his kindness in e-mailing me a copy of his not easy to find work

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