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Real data

July 5, 2011

Anderson (2005) is an interesting paper. It is also open ended, but presents real data, from real people. It ‘s certainly a case against “one size fits all” that seems to be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for many people. Education is a form of art, open ended. Sometimes, I wonder about research in Education just because of that point. Is it worth? Can it bring us anywhere?

Anyway, there are some interesting points by Anderson, one of them by using Athabasca’s tradition of learner pace to put balance in the subject matter. The other is the quest to find a way of introducing the practice and benefits of learning communities into an isolated process.  Enough! On to next paper, also by Anderson.

TAnderson (2005). The search for learning community in learner paced distance education: Or, ‘Having your cake and eating it, too!’. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology 21(2): 222-241.

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