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Sensible advice

July 4, 2011

It is funny how serendipity works. I made a mention of crossbreeding in the last entry and I’m now writing bout it. The point was to find references about pacing for course A, but Collis (1998) is not really about it. In fact, it’s probably much more interesting for the homework over blended learning I have to prepare for course B. Anyway, it works both ways, as my ideas get clear just by meeting Collis’ ones.

Collis proposed a change in paradigm in course delivery that starts with the instructor. I once refered to this in my other blog: if the instructor is not up to par, is better to leave him/her alone, lecturing the traditional way. It is better than mocking it in a new system, where interaction with students is a must, and that’s certainly not going to happen (the “I’m soo busy” problem that afflicts many, even if the scientific production does not warrant such claim).

In summary, Collis (1998) is a highly recommended reading, IMHO.

BCollis (1998). New didactics for university instruction: Why and how. Computers & Education, 31(4): 373-395.

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