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Mobile dinosaur

June 17, 2011

I just discovered that I’m like a fossil in an always on world (I’m reading Alone Together, from Sherry Turkle).

Facts: I keep my first number, even if I exchanged networks a few times; I disconnect the phone at night if I’m at home, as I have a landline (what translates in quite long battery duration); I use the cheapest possible plan, as I make very few calls (an average a call a day, around a minute each, for the last 3 months – the current network site is very good with statistics); I use the free SMSs from the network site, as I hate to text in the phone itself, and was never able to use up the monthly allowance; even owning what is now called a smartphone, I did not signed up for Internet on the phone in the last network exchange and, really, I don’t miss it.

Really, I shouldn’t exist! I should get a virtual life to compensate for my feelings of … whatever! 😎

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