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May 9, 2011

Regarding OERs (Open Educational Resources) and their use in practical contexts, one of the most inspirational contributions I came across was the key note speech of Louise Bay Waters in OER2011.

There are two aspects in the speech of Waters that I wish to stress. One is the continuous work the people from the group of schools that she superintends is doing to adapt OERs to specific situations, a process that is divided among the different schools and that is latter shared inside the school group (and in the open, of course), with successive iterations aimed to refine and adapt even further, even better.

The second is the idea behind the group of schools: to care for students that are basically lost to the system and allow them to go to college by improving their academic competences. They don’t solve all of the students’ problems, but certainly play their part in the process.

It is a lesson for the so called developed societies. How do they care about the less favoured students, in economic terms, that are left in the margins of the educational system?

Waters demonstrates that it can be done, with few resources and a lot of imagination and dedicated work. That is the definition of a modern miracle.

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