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Masters: what’s changing?

May 3, 2011

A brief comment, from a short experience (one and a half months).

In a sense, I miss the freedom of following my own devices: finding an interesting piece of information (book, paper, site) and follow through without knowing were I will end up. That’s exactly what have been doing for the last few years; it’s already part of my “confort zone” and I don’t relinquish it easily.

If I look at it from the other way, I’m being exposed to subjects and to information handling techniques I would never (probably) go into. So, it opens my horizons even if I feel kind of trapped in a “not enough time to do everything I want” situation.

I guess I’m hinting to a larger discussion, the one between formal and informal education. But I’m not going to follow it in this post. It will stay in my agenda for the time being (sorry, no time available for it right now, 😉 ).

Bottom line: life is made of choices; mine is made, no regrets. I guess already that I will be much better equipped at the end of the master to deal with the Network Society as a contributor, not just as a consumer of information and knowledge.

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